Am I An Entrepreneur

Am I An Entrepreneur?

Not everyone is cut out for entrepreneurship, along with great opportunity and excitement this journey can be hard and stressful. Before you jump in, do some self assessment to see if this is the next move for you. You can find one here or in unit one of the  Spirit of Entrepreneurship app worksheets, which can be found here; these worksheets will lead you through a self evaluation on your four capital factors; human, psychological, sociological, and financial. It will show you areas that you are strong and areas you might need some help.

Idea Generation

If you like the idea of being an entrepreneur, but don’t have an idea for your future business, there are lots of tools to help you out. The second unit in the Spirit of Entrepreneurship will help you get creative and guide you through the process of idea generation, you can find them here.

Spirit of Entrepreneurship

Members residing in Central Alberta who are looking to start a company have access to the Spirit of Entrepreneurship, a gamified entrepreneurship course app. The app starts out simply:  buying and selling lemonade stand inventory to the citizens of The Blands. Mini-games and awards encourage moving through 12 modules of comprehensive content. As the course progress through the content, more activities are unlocked in the game.  The app requires users to assess their business environment, make financial decisions, and apply marketing strategies within the game itself.

If you are interested in taking the course or more information please email Karla Petersen at

*An iPad is required for this course.