From Idea to Export

Building New Business in Central Alberta

In the foothills of the Rocky Mountains, the communities of central Alberta occupy one of the most prosperous corridors in Canada. It’s a region filled with resources and industry, where more than two million people live and work – and come up with new ideas and innovations that drive our province forward.

To foster these innovations, we are launching a new cohort-based incubator that will diversify Alberta’s economy, educate and grow visionary start-ups, and stabilize central Alberta businesses against unforeseen difficulties. This in turn will create a more resilient atmosphere for provincial business, new avenues for entrepreneurs, and a more promising future for all Albertans.

Oil Pivots

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Starts late Jan

Advanced Manufacturing

Starts late Jan

The Three Cohorts


Just like any other start-up endeavour, we’ve looked at the markets and done our research – and that’s why we’re focusing on the industries that Alberta needs. If you’ve got the idea, our new early-stage startup incubator will support its development with 10-weeks of programming and over 50 hours of coaching and training. We’re looking for entrepreneurs who have big ideas for:


  • Oil Pivots: If you have knowledge, expertise, or other technological developments from the oilfield that you are ready to apply to a new venture, we are ready for you. We want to invest in forward thinkers who will break Alberta’s dependence on international oil markets and usher in a new era of energy generation.
  • Smart Agriculture: It’s one of the oldest human industries, but that doesn’t mean there’s no room for innovation. Computerized crop sprayers, genetic enhancements, and better fertilizers are all examples of agricultural breakthroughs – and we want to know if you’re ready to develop the next one.
  • Manufacturing Success: Do you have a winning idea for a new product that you can bring to the marketplace? That idea is just the beginning. This incubator can help with design, marketing, manufacturing, and all of the other pieces that must come together in order to turn your start-up into a success story.

Entrepreneurial Benefits and Program Features


An incubator can be the difference between ultimate success and failure for a new idea. Qualified entrepreneurs will get:


  • Access to coaches that guide them through the process and keep them focused with weekly tasks
  • Streamlined networking and introductions to the right people, who can advance ideas and research with expertise, and testing opportunities
  • Input from CARIN’s advisory services, including legal, tax, finance, market assessment, and risk factors
  • Assistance in creating an investor index, containing important and compelling information for potential investors
  • Access to industry experts
  • A fully-fledged support system that is designed to help achieve success
  • A better understanding of customer issues and which opportunities to pursue, as well as an understanding of engagement, testing, and feedback
  • Ground-up evaluations of risk factors and market solutions
  • Industry-specific training, such as classes, workshops, training, and mentorship, as well as the application of new technology to their chosen industry
  • Insights into how to build a robust and successful company, with both industry-wide and business-specific considerations

What Sets Us Apart


There are plenty of incubators out there for hopeful entrepreneurs. What makes ours different for new business in central Alberta?


  • The incubator will focus exclusively on central Alberta and its most impactful industries, allowing for maximum potential and success
  • CARIN has enhanced partnerships with several partner organizations in the region, which will contribute to the incubator’s reach and ultimate success. This includes Red Deer College, Olds College, Alberta Innovates, Access Prosperity, Platform Calgary, and many more
  • From the start, we strongly emphasize the strategic development and export of these ideas from the region, setting companies up for success
  • No other incubators focus on our three cohorts of manufacturing, agriculture, and oil pivots

The Idea(l) Candidates


It takes a special kind of person to become a seasoned entrepreneur, who will stick with an idea through its inception and execution. These idea(l) candidates are:


  • Trainable, enthusiastic, and determined. There is always a risk that the first idea flops, but a great candidate will learn the tools necessary to turn subsequent ideas into a successful business
  • Coachable, as much of the incubator involves work with industry experts on how to identify and overcome weak points in the business
  • Driven, as commercialization is a long and grueling process that refines raw ideas into functional business plans over the course of several months
  • Visionary, with an appreciation of how their company will impact the industry and change the economic outlook of the region and beyond
  • Early stage! You don’t need to have a business, or even a business plan, to apply. We’re looking for passionate people who have experience in the industry and have an idea to drive it forward.

Dates and Deadlines


Important dates to know for the incubator program as follows:


  • Oil Pivots: cohort one completed, contact us for the next cohort dates!
  • Smart Agriculture: Week of January 25 to week of March 29. Apply NOW!
  • Advanced Manufacturing: Week of January 25 to week of March 29. Apply by January 19!
  • Have questions before you apply? Please contact ewilkinson@albertacf.co