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Central Alberta Regional Innovation Network

CARIN Presenter Spotlight: Kerstin Heuer

Our Mission:

Innovative business ideas are born every day in Central Alberta, and there are more supports than ever before to help entrepreneurs develop their concepts into full realization. Thankfully, the Central Alberta Regional Innovation Network (CARIN) makes access to business development resources easy.

In collaboration with partners around the province, CARIN provides access to investment, grant, and funding opportunities along with coaching and mentoring services for small to medium-sized businesses in various categories.

CARIN’s Catalyst Incubator is an 8-week program designed to accelerate a new business concept from infancy to development, scaling, and advancement. The Incubator primarily focuses on Alberta’s largest potential growth sectors:

  • Agriculture

  • Oil-pivot (clean energy)

  • Technology Development

  • Manufacturing

CARIN invites mentors and presenters to offer their industry-specific expertise as part of the program.

CARIN Introduces Kerstin Heuer

One such presenter is Kerstin Heuer.

Kerstin is the co-founder of YOUthentic Branding, located in Red Deer. Kerstin has coached other heart-centered entrepreneurs to promote their businesses with authenticity and passion for the last thirteen-plus years.

Kerstin is also the co-owner of GestaltHaus Ltd., a contemporary design and manufacturing business based in Central Alberta.

A Little About Kerstin:

Originally from Germany, Kerstin and her family moved to Canada and built a new life. She was previously the marketing director for Group2 Architecture Interior Design Ltd. and a past chair on the Red Deer’s Downtown Business Association board.

Kerstin’s digital marketing education is impressive, and she holds the following marketing certificates:

  • Certified Content Marketing Specialist

  • Certified Email Marketing Specialist

  • Certified Social & Community Manager

  • Certified Customer Acquisition Specialist

  • Certified Analytics and Data Specialist

  • Certified Search Marketing Specialist

  • Certified E-Commerce Marketing Specialist

Kerstin Heuer Presentations:

Kerstin understands manufacturing challenges in Alberta and is an expert in digital marketing and business promotion. Navigating the constant evolution of digital marketing is a challenge every business owner faces, but with Kerstin’s unique guidance, Incubator participants discover the importance of implementing a comprehensive marketing strategy.

Entrepreneurs gain incredible insights and a competitive advantage to develop and market their idea with the information provided by Kerstin. In addition, participants can ask questions and better understand their next marketing steps.

When is CARIN's Next Catalyst Incubator Intake?

CARIN’s Catalyst Incubator 8-week program provides entrepreneurs in Central Alberta access to some of the province’s greatest minds, like Kerstin Heuer.

Do you have an innovative concept for developing a new marketable item or technology?

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