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Central Alberta Regional Innovation Network

CARIN Presenter Spotlight: Matthew Cornall

Our Mission:

The Central Alberta Regional Innovation Network (CARIN) runs an 8-week entrepreneurial incubator program to spearhead new business in the industrial, agriculture, and technology sectors.

The Catalyst Incubator includes mentors and presenters who bring their unique expertise to the table, offering insights and strategies to entrepreneurs considering new developments and businesses in those key areas.

CARIN creates a new focus with each Catalyst Incubator and invites leading-edge presenters to participate.

CARIN Introduces Matthew Cornall

One such presenter is Matthew Cornall.

Matt is currently a Technology Development Advisor for Alberta Innovates, a part of the innovation network partnered with CARIN.

With an extensive background in business, economic and community development, and project management and program implementation, Matt assists Central Alberta entrepreneurs to capitalize on opportunities and bring their ideas to life.

A Little About Matthew:

Originally from the United Kingdom, Matt worked with the European Union (EU) and the banking and public sectors before emigrating to Alberta in 2008. He studied at Sheffield Hallam University and Dale Carnegie Training.

Matt worked with Central Albertan engineering companies to build their Economic Development divisions, including acting as a lead on their business development objectives.

His experience doesn’t end there! Matt was recently the Investment Attraction and Business Retention Officer for the Central Alberta region. In addition, he has served on various influential boards and committees, including:

  • Economic Developers of Alberta (EDA)

  • Economic Development Association of Canada (EDAC) – Alberta representative

  • Red Deer’s Community Housing Advisory Board

  • Alberta Additive Manufacturing Network (AAMN)

Whether serving as a board member or acting as President, Matt has played a vital role in developing the economic development of Alberta’s public and private sectors.

Matthew Cornall Presentations:

Matthew participates in presentations designed to help Central Alberta entrepreneurs launch their new idea or business on behalf of Alberta Innovates. By offering information about grants, research, and product development, program attendees get realistic hands-on advice that would otherwise be difficult to attain.

Catalyst Incubator presenters are approachable, open-minded, and happy to answer questions as they arise. Matthew is no different. Collaborating in a think-tank environment drives his passion for seeing a renewed and thriving Albertan economy through innovative and talented individuals.

When is CARIN's Next Catalyst Incubator Intake?

Small and medium businesses and their owners have access to some of Alberta’s greatest minds, like Matthew Cornall, through CARIN’s Catalyst Incubator program.

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