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Central Alberta Regional Innovation Network

Innovation Opportunities for Central Alberta Graduates

Attending secondary education takes perseverance and hard work, and graduating is only one milestone in their career. You may not realize that your skills are valuable to your entire field, not just a potential employer.

You can take that same dedication and use your brilliant ideas to your advantage. Read further to learn more about how graduates tap into funding and networking resources to launch their business idea into the future.

Taking Your New Skills to the Next Level

All the work, grinding hours, and extra cups of coffee have paid off, and now you reached your education goals. But— what comes next? For some, it means getting a job and earning the experience to go with the degree. Others have bigger aspirations and an opportunity to make improvements within their chosen field.

Recently graduated students entering the workforce have a fresh perspective. Further, they may even have brand-new ideas that could revolutionize outdated practices and make their field more efficient, up-to-date, and profitable.

If you can use your new knowledge to improve a process or piece of equipment, then you have the potential to take your skillset to the next level.

While it may take time and patience, evolving an idea from a hatchling to a tangible reality is possible when you have the right resources backing you.

Finding Opportunities Within Your Chosen Field

The key to innovation is found in inefficiencies, lack of tools, and shifting outdated practices to keep up with newly available technology. For example, think of how computers have revolutionized every thinkable industry!

People graduating from colleges and universities in agriculture, technology, and manufacturing are in great demand. Federal and provincial government grants and funding opportunities are readily available to help develop these industries in Alberta. It means graduates can capitalize on their bright ideas the moment they think of them!

Yet, the newly graduated may not know how to access these opportunities and struggle to get their ideas off the ground. However, there are agencies at hand who are ready to provide eager and determined individuals with the right tools to launch new products and service innovations.

Recently Graduated from Red Deer Polytechnic or Olds College?

Hey Central Alberta graduates! Did you know that your newly formed skills are the perfect combination of bright new ideas and practical solutions that your chosen field needs?

That’s right. Opportunities are available to develop your innovations into fully-developed, lucrative business ideas. Suppose you have the initiative but lack the networking resources to see your vision become a reality. The Central Alberta Regional Innovation Network (CARIN) has the right resources, mentoring, and services to help you achieve your goals.

What is CARIN’s Catalyst Incubator Program?

The Catalyst Incubator program offers participants in-depth, hands-on knowledge and training to develop their fledgling idea into a scalable, successful business. Together with their partners, CARIN mentors cohorts through business strategy to form a realistic business plan, including help with product development and manufacturing resources. Of course, CARIN’s experts can help steer them in a new direction if an idea needs to pivot or a re-examination.

In addition, CARIN’s reach stretches province-wide, accessing leading industry experts in Calgary, Edmonton, and outlying areas. They bring the most outstanding minds together to fully support innovation in our province.

Don’t Wait... Launch Your Innovation!

Whether you need guidance on government grants or a more thorough step-by-step program with their Catalyst Incubator, CARIN has a wealth of knowledge at your disposal.

What are you waiting for? Get your idea off the ground today! For more information or to register, please get in touch with the CARIN office online.

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