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Central Alberta Regional Innovation Network

How to Manufacture Your Product in Central Alberta

Before the advancements in technology, getting a product manufactured was trying and often not successful. Now with the help of Red Deer Polytechnic's Centre for Innovation in Manufacturing (CIM-TAC), entrepreneurs in Central Alberta can see their idea grow through development stages to manufacturing in Alberta.

What is the Centre for Innovation in Manufacturing (CIM-TAC)?

CIM-TAC helps pioneering entrepreneurs and small to medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) access design and manufacturing solutions and business improvements with innovative technical services.

Collaboration with their clients turns leading-edge ideas into reality with advanced equipment and technology, research and development, expertise, and access to funding resources throughout Alberta and Canada.

What Does CIM-TAC do?

New entrepreneurs have brilliant ideas but need access to resources and equipment to see their concept through. Existing businesses need to upgrade and scale their process to become more efficient and profitable but often don't have the time or experienced staff to accomplish it.

Both need the information and resources for how to manufacture in Alberta.

Clients develop new projects and expand business opportunities using CIM-TAC experts and innovation partners in the Central Alberta community. Clients also have access to the community of educators and students and Red Deer Polytechnic. CIM-TAC coordinates their highly skilled team with clients to bring concepts to life, create proto-types, problem-solve industry problems and provide resources for funding. The CIM-TAC experts help entrepreneurs by:

  • Developing business management, sales and marketing processes

  • Designing and developing new products and processes

  • Solving existing manufacturing problems

  • Identifying funding partners and opportunities

  • Connecting with productive and profitable partners across Canada

What Services Does CIM-TAC Offer?

Aside from 3D Printing Services and Equipment Rentals, CIM-TAC offers various technical services to help businesses launch their next great idea, optimize, and scale their concept. Some of those services include:

  • Product testing and validation

  • System design

  • System scaling and benchmarking

  • Process optimization

  • Comparative analysis for new products

  • Market analysis

  • Product development and support

  • Product testing

In conjunction with private sector partners, the extensive CIM-TAC network provides clients with the complete developmental cycle to get their products to market faster with cost-effective, efficient, and sustainable solutions.

What Kind of Equipment Does CIM-TAC Have?

Primed with over$ 5.9 million in state-of-the-art prototype and manufacturing equipment, the CIM-TAC team of designers and machinists provide guidance and the design process for the client's idea.

Making the CIM-TAC equipment available to rent not only aids clients with their innovations but helps support the economy overall.

Here is a list of CIM-TAC equipment available:

  • 3D Printers

  • CNC Milling Machines

  • Coordinate Measuring Machines

  • Laser Scanning Technologies

  • Laster Cutter & Engraver

  • Precision Oven

  • Panel Router

  • Waterjet Cutter

  • Tensile & Strength Testing

  • Thermal Vacuum Former

To learn more details about what the CIM-TAC equipment does, click here.

Does CIM-TAC Help with Funding and Training?

The Centre for Innovation in Manufacturing is a portal for clients to access new technology funding opportunities within Alberta and across Canada. CIM-TAC connects entrepreneurs and businesses with innovation experts and funders to get the proper organizations behind them for success.

Anyone considering starting a new business or creating a new product will need financial resources to get it off the ground. There are Alberta technology grants available.

One such partner is the Central Alberta Regional Innovation Network (CARIN).

CARIN provides new start-ups and businesses, particularly in the oil pivot, agriculture, technology, and manufacturing sectors in Central Alberta, with training and resources to launch their concept. Along with networking and access to Alberta technology funding, CARIN hosts an eight-week Catalyst Incubator program several times a year.

The Catalyst Incubator takes entrepreneurs through the early phases of a business idea through planning and risk assessment to development and integration. At the end of the program, participants will have a fully formed concept and a solid business plan to move forward with their idea.

More than 400 CARIN members are actively involved in CIM-TAC projects.

For the extensive list of CIM-TAC's funding resources, click here.

To Review…

Red Deer Polytechnic's Centre for Innovation in Manufacturing provides creative entrepreneurs access to equipment, expertise, and a network of funding opportunities to see their concept through design and testing to manufacturing.

CIM-TAC is an industry leader for technological innovation, development, and manufacturing for the Central Alberta region and beyond.

If you are interested in learning more about how CIM-TAC can open doors for you and your business, CONTACT them by email at or by phone at 403-342-3400.

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